Financing At Bruce Stewart's Auto Repair Centre, Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

At Bruce Stewart’s Auto Repair Centre, We Make Quality Auto Care Affordable.

All of the work we do takes place at the Bruce Stewart Auto Repair shop. Edmonton area vehicle owners can use us as a one-stop shop for all their repair needs. We have a team of highly experienced, skilled technicians who are qualified to handle all types of problems, from common to specialized, for any model of car.

We are committed to keeping you safe on the road. We strive to minimize breakdowns and reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle with any auto repair. Edmonton drivers trust us to deliver a top-quality, affordable service.

When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality car repair. Edmonton technicians at Bruce Stewart Auto Repair will provide you with peace of mind, no matter the repair.

Worry free road side assistance program for Bruce Stewart’s Auto Repair Centre Members. The cost is $189.95 plus tax for one year.

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Labor Charges:

Our technicians’ time is billed at an hourly rate. The total labor estimate is calculated by using either actual hours spent on the repair or by referring to an industry-approved time guide for each job

Our Car Service Program:

Our car service program offers three key features: annual vehicle inspections, service reminders, and year-end summary of repair costs (upon request). As such, service customers can expect worry-free driving, lower repair costs, and better trade-in value.


We only use high-quality parts that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s original equipment specifications. Upon request, we will return your old parts to you.


All parts and labor guarantees last for at least 90 days from initial service. In addition, some suppliers have extended or lifetime guarantees that can be honoured at Bruce Stewart’s Auto Repair Centre.

Please contact us directly to make an appointment for any car service. Edmonton drivers can also find more information on their specific car through our email form in the “Ask The Tech” section.

Why Choose Bruce Stewart Automotive?

We understand that auto repairs can be an unexpected expense that impacts your budget. It’s a fact – auto repairs can be costly, often creating a significant dent in your monthly income. This is precisely why we’ve crafted a range of financing options to help make these essential services more affordable.

But our commitment to affordability doesn’t stop there. We extend this commitment to providing peace of mind with our ninety-day labour and parts guarantee. When we service your vehicle and install a new part, we want to ensure that you can drive away with confidence. If something should happen to a part we’ve installed within ninety days of your service appointment, you won’t need to worry about extra out-of-pocket costs. This guarantee is our pledge to you, standing by the quality of our parts and our workmanship.

Moreover, many of our suppliers provide extended or even lifetime guarantees on their parts – guarantees we happily honour. That means the protection for some of your parts may even extend beyond our standard 90-day period.