Drive Shaft Service in Edmonton

All front-wheel drive cars have two front-wheel drive shafts with 4 constant velocity joints. these joints are lubed with special high temp grease and protected with a cv boot seal. The boot is a durable synthetic rubber seal that fits over the end of each axle to keep the grease in, and debris out.


Over time, wear from potholes, debris, ice, and aging can cause ruptures in the CV boot. This allows dirt and debris to enter the joint.

CV joint replacement and repair


Periodic boot inspection is the best method of avoiding costly repairs. Grease on the boot or in the wheel well is usually the first sign of trouble. Joint damage can occur within 8 or 10 hours of driving after the boot has ruptured. So whenever you have any type of servicing done to your vehicle, have the CV boots checked. It is recommended that every 4 years or 65,000 km, the CV boot should be inspected, and then new boots and grease should be installed.

If you are having problems with your CV Joints or Drive Shaft, please make an appointment to have your vehicle serviced.

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