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Do you have a flat or low-pressure tire? When they need a tire repair, Edmonton and Sherwood Park drivers can rely on Bruce Stewart Auto Repair Centre.

When to Seek Professional Tire Repair

Sherwood Park and other Edmonton area vehicle owners often come to us with punctures, but there are also other situations when you should seek a tire repair. For instance, if your tire keeps losing pressure or has lost inflation without a puncture, it requires inspection. We will remove the wheel from your vehicle to find the source of damage. Continuing to drive in these conditions is dangerous — it can put you at risk for a serious accident.

Our Edmonton area technicians also manage repairs for vehicles with dual tire assembly. If one of your tires is flat or has lost pressure, we will service both of the dual tires.

Procedure for Fixing a Punctured Tire

Our tire repair service in Edmonton begins with removing the tire from the wheel. This allows us to check the inside of the tire, where there could be hidden damage. We then clean and buff the inner liner of the tire. Finally, we patch and plug the puncture area. The patch reseals the inside to keep the air contained within the tire. The plug stops moisture from entering, which could otherwise cause the steel belts and body cord to rust. We make sure that the patch and plug completely fill the puncture.

When a Tire Repair Isn’t Enough

In some situations, repairing your tire would pose too high a risk. This is the case for punctures measuring more than 6 millimeters as well as punctures outside the tread area, near the edge of the tire. However, it’s often impossible to know whether a tire repair is an option before an inspection. When you bring a tire to our auto shop, we do a thorough check and then take the right action to ensure that you will drive home safely.

If you live in Sherwood Park or the Edmonton area and suspect that you need a tire repair, call us today to book an appointment.

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