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Tire Repair in Edmonton: How To Deal With Flat Tires

flat tire

It’s never a good time to get a flat tire. Whether you’re on your way to your kid’s piano recital or late to your cousin’s wedding, flat tires have a habit of showing up at just the wrong time.

No matter how late you are, driving on a flat tire is never a good idea. Driving on a flat can cause extensive damage to the tire itself and your car’s rim and alignment. You’ll want to change your tire yourself or get it to a tire repair shop in Edmonton – ideally as soon as possible.

While flat tires are an unpleasant surprise, it doesn’t need to dominate your whole day! Check out our handy tips on changing to a spare tire and sourcing the best tire repair shop in Edmonton.

Flat Tire While Driving

Flat tire while driving

It’s not always immediately noticeable that you have a flat tire while driving. Look out for your car pulling to the side of the road and an odd and consistent clunking noise.

Reduce your speed until you can pull over to the side safely. If you have them, place any safety cones out while you inspect your car for a flat. You can call AMA, CAA, or Bruce Stewart’s roadside assistance to arrange for a tire change onsite or to tow you to the nearest Edmonton tire repair shop if the spare/dummy tire doesn’t work.

Here are some basic steps for changing your flat tire yourself:

  1. Grab your spare tire, jack, and lug nut wrench from your trunk.
  2. Lightly loosen the lug nuts by turning them counterclockwise, just enough so they’re not locked tightly. This makes it easier to remove them when you fully jack up the car.
  3. Place your jack under a sturdy part of the frame. Your car’s owner manual will tell you where it’s a good place to position the jack. Use the jack handle to raise the frame. Never stick any hands or legs under the vehicle.
  4. Remove the lug nuts altogether. Keep them close, and don’t let them roll away.
  5. Remove the flat tire and place it to the side.
  6. Put the spare tire on, lining it up with the wheel studs where the lug nuts go on.
  7. Install your lug nuts again. Tighten them until firm, but not too firm, as the car is still on the jack.
  8. Lower the jack by turning counterclockwise.
  9. Give the lug nuts one final tighten.
  10. Place the flat tire in the trunk.
  11. Never exceed more than 80km while driving on a spare (or dummy) tire. Only drive on it while necessary until you can get your car to an Edmonton tire repair shop.

Always prepare for the unexpected. Keep an emergency kit in your car with items such as a flashlight, safety cone, jumper cables, small shovel, whistle, warning lights, etc. Also, familiarize yourself with your owner’s manual and where your spare tire is stored. Check your spare tire regularly to ensure it has enough air!

Flat Tire While Parked

The process for dealing with a flat tire while parked is the same as above. If you decide to change your tire while parked, be very aware of your surroundings and ensure it’s safe to do so. Be mindful of other cars while in a parking lot.

If the car has been parked for a while, make sure the flat tire is not flat-spotting first. Flat-spotting occurs when the tire flattens against the ground when it has been in the same spot for an extended period. Usually, this is temporary, and the tire will round out again as it warms up while driving. However, tires parked for many months may experience permanent flat-spotting.

Finding Quality Tire Repair in Edmonton

Quality tires at Bruce Auto Repair shop

Often, flat tires are from a puncture and leak, which can be easily repaired with a tire patch from our team. CAA approved, we’ll get you out on the road in no time!

At Bruce Stewart, we provide friendly and fast service. We also have an after-hours emergency line if your flat tire comes at a not-so-opportune time. You’ll find our rates fair, and we provide easy-to-understand required repairs to get you cruising again.

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