Prevent Costly Breakdowns and Potential Engine Damage

The Basics

Cooling system protects against damage keeping the engine operating within the correct temperature range. The cooling system includes the radiator, water pump, hoses, fan, heater, thermostat, engine block, and heads. Anti-freeze provides a minimal amount of protection against rust, scale, and other forms of corrosion. If your vehicle is overdue for maintenance, the deposits may be building up. Corrosion causes the radiator to rot out, as well as the engine block and heads.

The Solution


Changing the coolant doesn't simply mean draining the radiator and refilling it. Doing so would leave at least half the coolant (the portion in the other components) and other rust and impurities. A complete coolant flush requires a complete back flushing of the entire system, and then adding new coolant. Regular cooling system maintenance checks are recommended and help to prevent the possibility of breakdowns and expensive repairs. Coolant lasts about 2 years or 45,000 km. After that period of time, a complete coolant flush and change are recommended.

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