For Roadside Assistance, Edmonton Drivers Depend on Bruce Stewart's Auto Repair Centre

Bruce Stewart’s Auto Repair is excited to partner with Custom Auto Carriers to present our Automotive Maintenance Program. It’s designed to keep your worries at bay while you’re on the road.

By joining our yearly membership, you’ll receive a card that entitles you to:

  • 12 months worry-free driving
  • 24-hour roadside assistance (Edmonton city limits.)
  • 300-point vehicle inspection
  • No-charge oil changes for one year
  • A 10% labour discount

What Does Roadside Assistance Include?

With our roadside assistance, Edmonton drivers can receive all of the following for one year, at no charge.

Begin your membership today and start driving with confidence! Call 780-465-2783.

Who Should Consider Roadside Assistance?

Everyone! Here are some reasons why our service is a great option:

Driving Experience

Whether you're a rookie on the roads or a seasoned driver, unexpected problems can occur to anyone. Roadside assistance is your safety net.

Cost Savings

You could pay for services as you need them, but in the long run, a roadside assistance plan can save you more.

Vehicle Age

Whether you drive an older model or a brand-new car, certain issues like flat tires, lockouts, or running out of gas can happen to any vehicle.

Car Usage

Frequent driving, especially in Edmonton's unpredictable weather, can increase the likelihood of vehicle issues. Better be prepared with our service.


If you value your time and money, our Car Maintenance Program is a cost-effective and ultra-convenient solution for you.

Start your membership today and hit the road with newfound confidence! Call us at 780-465-2783.

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What's Included in Roadside Assistance?

For a full year, Edmonton drivers can take advantage of these no-charge services:

Key left inside

Lockout Service

Getting locked out of a car can happen to anyone. You may lose your keys due to a mishap or theft. Your key may break off in a door, the trunk, or the ignition. In some older vehicles, it's even possible to lock your keys in your car.

With our lockout service, we can help you in any of these situations to open and start your car.

car boosting


You can avoid needing a boost by making sure that you keep your lights and radio off when you leave your car. This is easier said than done — it’s not uncommon for drivers to forget and to return to find their car battery is dead. Your car may also fail to start simply due to cold weather, which is out of your control and frankly a fact of life in Edmonton.

Instead of taking a risk and assuming that this will never happen to you, it’s better to be prepared. With our service, a professional will come and boost your car. This is safer than trying to do it yourself, not to mention priceless if you’re stuck somewhere without a friend to help you.

Flat Tire

Flat Tire Changes

If you own a car for long enough, you’re probably going to have a flat tire at some point. Many people learn how to change a tire, but it's still a messy job. Plus, flats often happen in inconvenient places, meaning it can even be dangerous to get out of your car and try to fix it yourself.

With roadside assistance, you can wait in the comfort and safety of your vehicle for us to reach you. Someone from our team will have your tire changed and you back on the road quickly.

Gas Delivery

Gas Delivery

If you’ve never run out of gas before, count yourself lucky. Unless you always pay close attention to the fuel gauge, and never decide to drive a little further to save time or to see if you can find cheaper gas further on, you may need a gas delivery service.

We provide gas delivery throughout Edmonton. This can mean the difference between abandoning your car to walk to the next gas station and continuing your journey with barely a delay.

towing services


Your car could also suffer a more serious problem at any time without warning. If you are in an accident, you run off the road due to snow or ice, or your car has a mechanical failure, it could be dangerous to keep driving. With our towing service, we will bring your vehicle to our Edmonton shop quickly.

Steering wheel

Becoming a Member