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Expert Oil Change Services in Edmonton

Quality Oil for Every Vehicle

At Bruce Stewart’s Auto Repair Centre, we understand that each vehicle has unique needs. That’s why we offer a range of high-quality oil options, from synthetic blends to full synthetics, tailored to your car’s specific make and model. This ensures peak performance and longevity for your engine.

More Than Just an Oil Change

Our service is a comprehensive vehicle check-up. Along with changing your oil, our experienced technicians conduct thorough inspections of filters, fluids, and other crucial components. This holistic approach helps identify and address potential issues early, saving you time and money in the long run.

Transparent Service, No Hidden Costs

We believe in complete transparency. You’ll receive a clear, straightforward explanation of what your car needs and why. With us, there are no hidden fees or surprises – only honest, reliable service.

Why Choose Bruce Stewart’s Auto Repair?

  • Variety of premium oil options
  • Comprehensive vehicle check-up with every oil change
  • Clear, transparent communication and pricing
  • Experienced technicians who prioritize your vehicle’s health and safety

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Don’t wait until it’s too late. Regular oil changes are crucial for your vehicle’s well-being. Book your appointment now at Bruce Stewart’s Auto Repair Centre in Edmonton and ensure your car is running at its best. Your vehicle deserves expert care – and we’re here to provide it.

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    The Problem: Viscosity & Thermal Breakdown

    Extreme conditions in today’s engines can quickly break down a motor oil’s viscosity. High shear forces can crush lubricating molecules or even break them in half. These damaged molecules cannot thicken properly and may not provide the protection you need.

    Even under normal driving conditions in Edmonton, engine temperatures can exceed 200°C (300°C for turbos). Exposure to this searing heat can cause build-up of sludge, varnish and other corrosive agents. This results in piston deposits, ring sticking, increased oil consumption, loss of engine power and ultimately, costly engine wear.

    Today’s Engines Are More Advanced Than Ever Before. Super lightweight aluminum alloys are used to forge critical components with tolerances of 1/10,000 of an inch. These multi-valve, fuel-injected engines deliver more horsepower, accelerate faster, are more fuel efficient and produce fewer emissions than the engines of the 1980s. But there is a price.

    These Harder Working Engines Can Wreak Havoc On A Motor Oil. The high-revving, harder-working engines shear oil and operate at extremely high component temperatures, breaking down oil almost immediately. This can result in damage to critical engine parts that the oil is there to protect. If you think all motor oils are the same, or that the brand you’ve always used is just fine, you could be shortening the life of the engine.


    The Solution: Castrol GTX Maximum Protection

    Maximum Protection Against Viscosity Breakdown – For a quality oil change, Edmonton drivers can rely on Castrol GTX. Castrol blends the finest base oils with unique shear stability requirements for viscosity improvers. As a result, an oil change using Castrol GTX exceeds demanding North American and European shear stability requirements for viscosity breakdown protection – a claim many motor oils can’t make.

    Maximum Protection Against Thermal Breakdown – Castrol GTX is the perfect choice for your vehicle’s next oil change. It is specially formulated with anti-oxidants, dispersants, varnish inhibitors and detergents. Together, these additives provide exceptional thermal stability while controlling engine deposits, so even under the intense heat inside today’s harder working engines, Castrol GTX provides unsurpassed protection against thermal breakdown.

    Castrol GTX exceeds all car and light truck manufacturers’ warranty requirements for the protection of gasoline, diesel and turbo charged engines where API SH is recommended. In fact, no leading motor oil protects your engine better than Castrol GTX. For an optimal oil change, Edmonton drivers can rely on Castrol GTX to provide a superior protection against engine wear.

    Preserving The Environment – To reduce waste and conserve valuable resources, Castrol uses recycled materials in its packaging. Please do your part and help conserve resources. After any oil change, we return used oil to collection depots in the Edmonton area.
    Ready for a quality oil change? Sherwood Park drivers and others in the Edmonton area can contact us at 780-465-2783 to schedule an appointment. You can rely on our friendly, skilled, and professional auto repair experts to provide you with the excellent service you deserve.