For Car Inspection, Edmonton Drivers Trust Bruce Stewart Auto Repair

Before you can register a vehicle purchased outside of Alberta, the car needs to pass a car inspection. Edmonton drivers can receive their car inspection from Bruce Stewart Auto Repair. Our technicians are licensed in the Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP) from Alberta Transportation.

Why Do You Need a Car Inspection?

Alberta Transportation has different standards for safety than the other provinces. By completing a car inspection, you show that your vehicle meets these requirements. You must receive the inspection within 90 days of the date of purchase to be able to register your car, receive license plates, and drive your car in Alberta.

You will also need to undergo inspection if your vehicle is a restored antique, homebuilt, or modified and has not been previously registered. In addition, you will need an inspection if you are unable to produce proof of prior Alberta registration.

Some vehicles bought out of province are exempt from the inspection. This is dependent upon your vehicle’s history. We can advise you if this will be the case for your car or truck.

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What Does the Inspection Involves?

A car inspection takes no more than two hours for our technicians to complete. We examine almost every component of your vehicle to check that everything is safe. This includes the fuel, exhaust, electrical, and braking systems, engine controls, powertrain, driveline, steering, suspension, wiring, lights, glass, defrosters, tires, and wipers.

We also confirm the structural integrity of your vehicle to ensure that nothing is compromised, which includes examining the body and frame for corrosion. We make sure that the parts meet the Original Equipment Manufacturers standards for wear. Finally, we look for any signs the vehicle has experienced a major collision, damage, or repairs.

Avoiding a Failed Inspection

In many cases, it is easy to avoid failing your inspection simply by making a few basic fixes beforehand. Some common issues include:

Finally, never bring a car to an inspection if the engine light is on — it will be impossible to pass. Ask us to run a diagnostic first to find out what the problem is.

Failing a Car Inspection

If your car does fail its inspection, you will need to complete all the necessary repairs within 10 days. The good news is there is no need to take your car to any other shop in Edmonton — our technicians will carry out all the repairs for you at Bruce Stewart Auto Repair. Then, we will reassess and verify your vehicle.

Once your car has passed its inspection, you need to register it in Edmonton or another location in Alberta within 14 days. If you miss this deadline, you will need to complete another inspection.
Contact us to make an appointment for your car inspection. Edmonton area drivers can schedule inspections at our shop for any type of vehicle.

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