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Out Of Province Inspection: What It Is & Why You Need It!

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If you’ve just moved to Edmonton, you already know that your to-do list is pretty big! There’s settling into your new home, starting a new job, enrolling your children in school, setting up utilities, and, let’s not forget, registering your out-of-province vehicle.

The vehicle registration process isn’t as straightforward as going to Service Alberta and switching over your plates. You’ll need to book your car or truck in for an out of province inspection in Edmonton.

Let’s take a look at what an out of province inspection entails and the step-by-step process on how to complete this important task!

What’s An Out Of Province Inspection?

Alberta is one of several Canadian provinces that require all out-of-province vehicles to pass an inspection before issuing local plates and registration tags. The inspection helps ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and that it meets Alberta’s road safety standards.

If you’ve just moved to the province, you’ll have 90 days before you legally have to move over the vehicle registration. To do so, you’ll need to find a mechanic with a license issued by the Vehicle Inspection Program.

On average, a thorough inspection by a licensed repair shop takes two hours. Your mechanic is responsible for submitting the signed Record of Inspection to the Alberta Registry — even if your car or truck has failed.

If your vehicle has failed inspection and you need to make necessary repairs, you’ll have ten days to complete those repairs before the inspection expires.


Does everyone in Edmonton need to get out of province inspection? Not necessarily! There are a few exceptions to the inspection rule in Edmonton and elsewhere in Alberta. Let’s discuss:

  • New vehicles purchased out of province: If you have purchased a brand-new vehicle in Canada in the last 90 days from an authorized dealer and the vehicle is in your name, you are exempt from needing an out of province inspection in Edmonton.
  • New vehicles purchased in the United States: If you have a Bill of Sale or lease agreement signed in the last 90 days from an authorized dealer, and the vehicle is in your name, you are exempt from the required out of province inspection.

The vehicle will also need two stamps on Transport Canada Form 1. One stamp must come from the US/Canada border and one from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles Inspection Center. Note that RIV compliance inspections are through appointment only. Find your nearest RIV Inspection location here!

  • Commercial Vehicles: If you own a commercial vehicle from out of province that has had a Commercial Vehicle Inspection Certificate from another Canadian jurisdiction in the past 90 days, you are exempt from the out of province inspection requirement.
  • Vehicles from British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba: If you own a vehicle from one of these provinces and it is newer than four years old or has passed a government inspection in one of these provinces in the last 90 days, you’re exempt from the out of province inspection requirement.

It’s worth noting that if you are trying to register an out-of-province vehicle in Edmonton that falls into one of the following categories – it does not qualify for an exemption:

  • Salvage
  • Non-repairable
  • Unsafe
  • Rebuilt
  • Right-hand drive
  • Custom or homebuilt
  • Kit cars
  • Lifted or lowered vehicles

If you want to receive an exemption for any of the above reasons, you will still need to present the vehicle at an Alberta Registry office beforehand. The registry agent will be able to help you through the exemption process.

Getting An Out Of Province Inspection In Edmonton

If you are ready to bring your out-of-province vehicle in for inspection in Edmonton, here is the step-by-step process you’ll need to follow.

  • Request a form: Find an Alberta Registry Office near you to purchase an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Request form. You will need to bring this form with you to your appointment.
  • Get your vehicle inspected: Book an out of province inspection with a licensed technician. Provide them with your Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Request form. Once complete, the technician will issue a pass or fail grade, note any required repairs, and sign a Record of Inspection.
  • Take care of any applicable repairs: If your vehicle hasn’t passed inspection, you’ll need to complete any noted repairs within 10 days before the original inspection expires. Once the repair work is complete, the vehicle goes through a reinspection.

Note that If you miss the 10-day window, you’ll have to inspect your car or truck again to restart the process!

  • Present inspection certificate to an Alberta Registry Agent: After your vehicle has passed, you’ll have 14 days to submit your Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate and a Record of Inspection to the Alberta Registry.

If you miss this deadline for any reason, you’ll have to start this process all over again – so be sure to make the necessary arrangements!

Bruce Stewart Automotive Can Help!

Need help getting your out-of-province vehicle ready for our Edmonton roads? We can help! Bruce Stewart Automotive is a CAA-approved repair shop that has been serving the city of Edmonton since 1990.

We are fully licensed to perform out of province inspections in Edmonton, no matter where your car, truck, or SUV originated.

Our promise to our customers is fast, friendly service — and always at fair rates. The next time your vehicle needs repairs, stop by our shop at 7220 76th Ave NW. We ensure the whole process is simple and straightforward!

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