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All About Vehicle Tune-Ups: What’s Included & How Often You Need Them!

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Living in Edmonton means we experience all kinds of drastic weather. This range of extreme cold to hot hot hot can take quite a toll on our vehicles—more than those in milder climates.

Since cars are such a huge investment, and we rely on them to get us from point A to point B without issue, it’s a good idea to schedule regular tune-ups and vehicle inspections at an Edmonton auto repair shop.

You’ve probably heard the term tune-up, but what services exactly does it entail? As a generic term used by mechanics and the industry, the meaning can vary depending on whom you visit! Here is what you can expect when you ask to schedule a vehicle tune-up.

What is a Tune-Up?

Back when cars were much more mechanical, the term tune-up frequently referred to working on the ignition system. Cars used to need much more frequent repairs and replacements to run smoothly.

Nowadays, tune-up has evolved into a term used to describe routine maintenance. Modern cars have excellent computer systems to help us know when everything is in check. However, a tune-up prevents those little lights from ever coming up on your dashboard in the first place!

While the term tune-up fluctuates from mechanic to mechanic, it typically refers to completing preventative maintenance on the vehicle. Preventative maintenance extends the life of your car. It ensures the engine operates at top-quality to get you the best mileage possible.

Everything to Expect From a Tune-Up

For a tune-up, a vehicle technician will look at all the usual parts of a vehicle that go through wear and tear and see if anything is due for service or a replacement. For a tune-up, they’ll find any minor issues that may have gone unnoticed and could potentially turn into something bigger.

Under the Hood

Under the hood, they’ll look at all aspects of the ignition system to ensure the air and fuel are working correctly in the combustion chamber. This includes spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition coils, and other electrical parts. They’ll also look at the serpentine belt, belt tensioner, timing belt, and radiator and heater hoses.


Next, they will look at all the filters in the car, including the engine air filter, cabin air filter, fuel filter, and PCV valve. Dirty or old filters can lead to contamination and build-up where you don’t want it.

Tests and Fluids

A technician will perform basic tests, such as the front and back lights, the battery performance, wiper blades, and brakes. They’ll check to see if the fluids are at the right level, including motor oil, coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, and power steering fluids.


During the tune-up, they’ll also check the tire pressure and the tread. Depending on their findings, the technician may also suggest a wheel alignment, rotation, or new tires altogether.

How Often to Get a Tune-Up

The requirements for a tune-up will vary from car to car, but the owner’s manual will tell you how often you need to go. A technician will also inform you the next time you should stop by after you schedule a vehicle inspection in Edmonton.

In most cases, a car will require a tune-up every six months or 8,000 KM. This number is based on the industry standard 3-year warranty or 60,000 KM.

Most people will have their tune-up when they get an oil change. During an oil change, a technician will also check the core systems of the vehicle and ensure that nothing else needs service. They may make immediate suggestions or tell you that a part needs service at the following tune-up.

How Bruce Stewart Can Help

At Bruce Stewart, we look at anything that may not be in tip-top shape and see how we can help increase the engine performance again. We look at all the small problems and ensure they aren’t affecting the overall system.

In addition to our oil change services, we offer seasonal check-ups and complete 300 point vehicle inspections for Edmonton drivers. We’ll get you ready for spring and summer travel!

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